Monday, January 25, 2016

How to remedy the extra pounds on the waistline, abdomen, chest and arms.

Diet for women with physical Apple
The apple, in addition to being a great and healthy fruit "no season" is also a term of reference to place a specific type of female physique.

The physical-to-apple belongs to those women who normally have the tendency to gain weight especially in the upper part of the body, for them it is therefore necessary to consider a number of factors, both from the point of view both hormonal food, to try to prevent and in some cases of treating those who may pose a few more pounds.

Constitution Apple
In the physical Apple the fat is placed above the top of the body, then the chest, arms and stomach, while the rest of the body, from the waist down, is proportionate and has no excess fat.
Developments in the time of the constitution Apple
Over time, women with this constitution could see right at the top of their physical increased fat, shoulders and breasts increase in size and damage the image of woman "Juno."
Importance of physical activity
Never forget this fundamental aspect, since only a valid and balanced diet, supported by a good physical activity, can give lasting results over time. Great swimming or cycling, since they are assets aerobic, good also specific exercises for arms and shoulders. For more and more targeted advice you can be found in the article for the physical exercises to apple.

The diet for women with physical Apple

The first rule is to never skip breakfast, suggestion indeed always be followed, regardless of the constitution and the presence or absence of excess pounds. Well associate milk with cereal, preferably low in sugar and grains.
Then break the morning and afternoon with a seasonal fruit or a salad of berries, ideal to stimulate circulation, or pineapple, draining naturally, adding, and never forgetting, the right amount of water or healthy drinks such as green tea. As a snack it will also go very well, in addition to the aforementioned fruit, also seasonal vegetables.
Things to avoid sugary drinks such as fruit juices and carbonated ones, rich sometimes also of dyes.
Foods to avoid
Things to avoid sugary drinks such as fruit juices ele carbonated drinks rich, sometimes, also of dyes.
In addition, to avoid the foods are particularly rich in sugars, excess refined grains and saturated fats or hydrogenated fats.

A cup of low-fat milk with whole grains, fruit or citrus juice alternating with salad of berries.

Sea bass or sea bream baked with seasonal vegetables, such as warm salad beard monk with lemon and extra virgin olive oil, a piece of bread, preferably wholemeal. A seasonal fruit.

Roast veal served with baked potatoes and rosemary. Fennel salad with lemon or vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. A seasonal fruit salad or strawberries.

Snack suitable
The salads berries are ideal to stimulate circulation, while the pineapple is draining naturally. As a snack will go very well, in addition to the aforementioned fruit, also seasonal vegetables.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.


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