Monday, November 14, 2016

Slimming healthily and quickly, it's not that difficult. With some adjustments to your diet plan and how you move, you can already lose a few pounds without even realizing it. Here are some 15 tips that you can easily apply in everyday life.

1. A healthy diet and move more, these are the keys to the success of a diet.

2. Eat 6 meals a day: 3 main meals and 3 healthy snacks. Skipping a meal is not a good idea because you are assured of snacking between meals. When you eat at regular hours, you have more control over your diet.

3. Cooking without fat is possible! Steam, pocket or grill vegetables, meat and fish.

4. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. You do not have to register directly at the gym because moving is easy in everyday life. Take the stairs, go to the bicycle, take a walk after your lunch, etc.

5. Drink a lot of water. Drinking water stimulates metabolism and helps burn fat. Do not like too much flat water? Put a few drops of lemon in your glass of water and you immediately get a different taste.

6. If you have to wait, stand still or do the 100 steps. You will burn 50 calories if you walk about 15 minutes.

7. Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it puts the engine of your body on the road. A breakfast with fruit, complete bread, dairy products helps you lose weight.

8. Do not put your pans on the table, but leave them in the kitchen. We are likely to eat more if the pans are right in front of our noses.

9. Sleep 8 hours a night. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be tired and you will then be likely to take not very healthy foods. If you sleep too much, you will become lazy and will not move enough.

10 .Good herbs can replace fatty sauces without losing the taste of our dishes. Vinaigrette are also a good alternative.

 11. Do not eat too often in the restaurant and avoid eating in the canteen of your job. If you cook your meals yourself, you have a view of the portions and calories you consume.

12. Keep a diary of your diet. Write every day what you eat, without lying. You will see more easily how much food you eat every day.

13. Eat slowly. Your brain will send a signal after 20 minutes to say you have reached full speed. If you eat fast, you eat more ...

14 .Do not be too strict with yourself. It does not matter if you eat your favorite meal or your favorite dessert during the weekend. See it more as a reward for all the efforts made during the week.

 15. Find a diet partner. Losing weight is easier when you do it together. You will be less inclined to give up in difficult times and you can motivate each other.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Is there an effective diet to lose weight 2 kg in just 3 days? According to Prof. Migliaccio yes! The diet of three days announced in the television broadcast curbside is nowhere to be found here on the web (now copied by all ...). This is a 1200 calorie diet, easy, fast, which allows you to lose 2 pounds in just three days. You can easily do, but only for three days, once every three months!

It is a proper diet, scientifically balanced, as far as he can be a low-calorie diet of three days, but which acquires its perfect balance when, in the maintenance, you increase your calorie intake by following the guidelines of proper nutrition.

After beginning the diet of three days, you will be born in a conscious aspiration to have a more in-depth health and dietary information to identify the behaviors necessary to maintain health and well-being of your body and reach your ideal weight.

The best diet of the three days is low-calorie, which by definition is always slimming and is the most effective way to lose weight quickly.

Before you start this weight loss diet you should always consult your nutritionist to understand whether it is suitable to our constitution regime.
Diet to lose weight 2 pounds in three days: menu

First day
Milk 1.8% (semi-skimmed) 100 g, coffee to taste, a teaspoon of sugar, a rusk.
Or: Tea or barley to taste with a teaspoon of sugar, two biscuits.

a kiwi or a low-fat yoghurt 125 g fruit.

Tuna in oil, drained a pack of 80 g; tomatoes or salad or green beans; 40 g bread (half-rosette) or a packet of crackers 25 g.

a chocolate or 10 g of a tangerine.

Chicken breast 130 g (net weight and raw); mixed green salad or to taste zucchini; a teaspoon of oil; 40 g bread (half-rosette).

Second day

Milk 1.8% (semi-skimmed) 100 g, coffee to taste, a teaspoon of sugar, a rusk.
Or: Tea or barley to taste with a teaspoon of sugar, two biscuits.

a kiwi or a low-fat yoghurt 125 g fruit.

Spreadable cheese light 60 g; tomatoes or salad or green beans to taste; a teaspoon of bread 40 g oil (half-rosette) or a packet of crackers 25 g.

a chocolate or 10 g of a tangerine.

Dinner: 140 g fish (raw and net weight); mixed green salad or to taste zucchini; a teaspoon of oil; 40 g bread (half-rosette)

Third day

Milk 1.8% (semi-skimmed) 100 g, coffee to taste, a teaspoon of sugar, a rusk.
Or: Tea or barley to taste with a teaspoon of sugar, two biscuits.

a kiwi or a low-fat yoghurt 125 g fruit.

An egg with two egg whites; tomatoes or salad or green beans to taste; a teaspoon of bread 40 g oil (half-rosette) or a packet of crackers 25 g.

a chocolate or 10 g of a tangerine

Dinner: 125 g fat mozzarella; mixed green salad or to taste zucchini; a teaspoon of oil; 40 g bread (half-rosette)

For those who eat away from home:
an entire meal can be sostutuito by: gr. 130/150 of pizza slices
gr. 50 grams of bread with. 30 of relish to taste (salami, mortadella, ham and / or cheese etc ..).
The indicated vegetables can be replaced by other types always with amounts to taste.

A tablespoon of oat bran a day, preferably in the morning, or you can follow this oatmeal menu:
In the morning
Consumed oats in the form of flakes, together with milk for breakfast.
During the day
A handful of oatmeal is an ideal snack.
How to drink
Boil a handful of oat grains in a liter of water. After having filtered, drink from it at will.

For those who do not like one of the proposed solutions, a whole meal can be replaced by:

First plate:
a portion of the past sunny vegetables with 30 g of pasta or rice, a teaspoon of oil, a teaspoon of parmesan cheese. Fruit: A kiwi.

During the diet drink plenty of water (the amount of water to be consumed per day it is between 1.2 liters (approximately 6 glasses of water) and 2 liters (10 glasses of water).

The average consumption can be achieved by consuming a glass of water at breakfast

two glasses of water at lunch, two glasses of water at dinner and a pint of water between meals),

and remember that the diet to lose weight 2 kg in 3 days can be done once every three months.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.

Detoxification or detox, diets can be an effective strategy in the short term weight loss, a "clean" or a great way to start a long term weight loss regimen. Detox diets are available in a variety of forms, with mild regimes requires the elimination of unhealthy foods and instead focusing on organic fruit, vegetables and meat to more extreme strategies shun all solid foods and focusing instead on meal replacements. Things to Consider

As with any diet plan, there is some risk of nutrient deficiency during the attempt of a new regime. For this reason, it is important to talk with your doctor before starting any program, especially fasting. Drastic weight loss - two pounds a week or more - can lead to nutrient deficiency and can become dangerous. Initial fasting side effects are usually mild, such as headache, while the long-term effects may become more severe and even dangerous and include anemia, low blood sugar and irregular heartbeat.

Talk to your doctor about whether taking a supplement is a good way to supplement your diet. Even if you choose a "mild" program, which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein, it can be difficult to get all the nutrients that the body requires. Nutritionist Monica Reinagel suggests that taking a multivitamin can be a good way to ensure that your diet is complete. If you're eliminating solid foods for a number of days, it is important to reintroduce food gradually, so as to prevent stomach irritation.

Exercise is an important component of weight loss. Maintenance of muscle mass during a detox diet can be difficult, so regular exercise should be a part of your strategy.
Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse was invented in 1941 and was later popularized by Stanley Burroughs. Burroughs says that detoxification removes toxins from the body and can often help people lose weight. The Master Cleanse prescribes to drink 2 liters of lemonade made with lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water daily instead of food. Proponents recommend the cleanse for a minimum of ten days, although some people stay on for much longer plan.

liquid diets

Liquid diets are also a popular detox diet that can often lead to weight loss. Some liquid diets promote fruit juice as a supplement to their diet, while others them and various powders and liquids available commercially recommended as meal replacements. Meal replacement products, containing various macronutrients, can be purchased in regular grocery stores, as well as in grocery stores.

The Fruit Flush Diet
Flush fruit diet promotes a three-day fast that focuses on the consumption of fresh fruit, raw vegetables and lean protein like chicken, fish and egg whites. The Fruit Flush Diet also recommends the use of lemons and limes, for their diuretic properties slightly. The cleaning is based on the idea that the fruit - because of its high water content -. Will remove toxins from the body.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The question that many women ask themselves is: caffeine can promote weight loss? It 'a safe natural stimulant for weight loss?

If you've wondered what are the positive and negative effects of caffeine and you've heard of this stimulating as an aid for weight loss, in this article we will talk about this. What is the truth?

There are hundreds of studies that examine the various benefits and negative effects of caffeine on health, sometimes stating that caffeine is a substance for the most beneficial while others argue that it would be avoided.

In this article, we analyzed the different foods and rim points where it is most limited, the possible positive and negative effects it can have on the body and the recommended daily intake for an adult.

Now let's see the part about the diet, we find out what's true in caffeine and weight loss combination, if it is true and how, caffeine can help us, women to lose a bit 'of extra pounds.

Some suggest using the coffee or other caffeinated beverages to promote weight loss.

A basic truth is, the caffeine alone, as other products known as food or bevante fat burning or stimulating metabolic activity are not miraculous, but it can actually help so still marginal, loss of body weight.

How caffeine can make it less heavy the efforts we make to lose weight? What happens?

The intake of caffeine in the recommended doses has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and not just here are the major benefits given by caffeine intake:

suppresses appetite
increases metabolism
increases fat burning
increases the action thermogenic
increases the benefits of exercise
The daily caloric expenditure is determined by three fundamental factors, the basal metabolic rate, digestion and sport.

The basal metabolic rate represents about 50-75 percent of the daily calories burned, it is the energy that only consume to be alive, without the use of calories to movement.

The actual metabolic rate can be influenced by many things, is determined by genetic factors, and generally speaking, the actual metabolic rate of a person can be influenced by many things such as feeding, if you follow a strict diet and too there is no food for an extended period, the metabolic rate slows down, which is why after a restrictive diet prolonged the basal metabolic rate can slow down by 15-20%. To deepen the argument balanced diet to lose weight click here.

What does that mean? The body needs fewer calories to maintain vital functions, always requires fewer calories to function and the person you will be forced to lower the calories consumed more and more, making the diet unbearable. Continuous data from sgarra food too hungry will have a negative impact on weight, with the result that will recover all the lost pounds with interest because of slow metabolism.

This means that to lose or gain weight caloric expenditure data from only basal metabolism is greatly important, so on the contrary, to lose a few extra pounds would be enough to act even just the main factor affecting the daily calorie consumption: then the basal metabolism.

With a practical example, we can say that a person who has a baseline of 1,300 calories metabolism if you could increase by 10-20%, would lead to burning from 190 to 260 calories a day more total.

Caffeine actually has the power to increase a bit 'metabolic rate which in turn makes you burn more calories in the evening.

As it increases the basal metabolic rate? Small increases in metabolic rate cause the body to release energy as heat and the use of caffeine also raises the basal metabolism by 15-20%, so you tend to lose weight.

Even when the energy expenditure differences are very small, in the long run they can make a big difference on body weight. Just 100 calories less every day that are not being filled with food, could lead to a substantial weight loss in the long run. To know more about calories and weight loss read here.

100 calories less for 365 days a year means - 36,500 calories in a year and this means -4 pounds

With the ingestion of caffeine, you start a process called lipolysis, the body releases fatty acids in the blood, this happens because the body attacks its fat stores for energy, and caffeine helps burn fat by stimulating metabolism.

Digestion represents about 10% of the energy that is consumed when taking the food.

Caffeine is a stimulant that creates a thermogenic response, it means that your metabolism will speed up and make you burn more calories by raising the body calories, the same increase in internal temperature that occurs with digestion, but it is not enough if it hopes to lose weight because of it.

Foods and thermogenic substances raise the metabolism, increasing body heat and accelerating the heartbeat, the result? They will burn more calories.

Caffeine is one of the foods with the thermogenic effect more pronounced as spicy foods, chili, cayenne, guarana and the same ice-cold water, but the negative effects of too much caffeine may outweigh the benefits of thermogenesis and any other positive aspect that may result.

The most important beneficial effect is the ability to increase the energy consumption during exercise. After a coffee training seems easier, stretch the running session will be more challenging helping you do more. To deepen the thermogenic fat burning topic read here.

Sport affects from the calorie consumption 15-40% on calories burned, and includes any movement, so including the path, training, and everyday motions.

An immediate boost of energy and attention is the feeling that we all know and feel after a nice coffee or even better, after an energy drink containing caffeine. This stimulating action increases the attention, it can be more awake and alert, then removed temporarily drowsiness and allows you to burn extra calories by doing more activities.

A small dose of caffeine before exercise in the gym can make a difference when you are tired, do reluctantly sports is never a good thing if you want to get the most from training.
This means that caffeine can be a help for you to give the 100% during training and that means more physical work, more calories burned during exercise and faster physical results.

The caffeine may slightly increase the weight loss, but there is no certain proof that demonstrates that caffeine alone has increased the results in terms of weight loss.

The concept of the connection between caffeine and weight regulation is uncertain, what is known is that it suppresses the appetite, reducing the desire to eat, even if them for a short time and there is no evidence for a long-term action.

This does not always happen in some people after a coffee or after a drink containing caffeine, increases stomach acid, thus producing a sensation similar to the hunger that drives us to eat something "soften" the feeling of acidity.

Thus, in some people, the caffeine delays the onset of hunger and caffeine before meals reduces the amount of food required to feel the sensation of satiety. To take advantage of the "slimming" ability of caffeine and help you eat less, you should take it about 15 minutes before starting the meal.

As stated by the National Institutes of Health, caffeine is also a diuretic, pushes the body to remove fluids, but not a great thirst quencher and could cause dehydration.

It 'good to clear that losing weight through diuresis, so thanks to the elimination of fluids from the body means absolutely lose weight. Taking caffeine will cause the loss of a bit 'of water, but you're not losing fat, so you may not be more streamlined, using caffeine in this way is not only unhealthy but dangerous.

Of how much caffeine I need to boost your metabolism?
People react to caffeine in different ways, each of us tolerate a different caffeine dose, the dose of caffeine that an individual can tolerate varies according to age, body mass, health and establish the exact dose that works for everyone is a bit 'too hard.

Some people drink a cup of coffee after dinner and have a hard time falling asleep while others even if they drink coffee just before going to sleep do not feel almost no effect.

You can get your daily dose of caffeine (set by scientific research to a maximum of 300 to 400 milligrams a day) from espresso, mocha coffee, American coffee, energy drinks, cola, tea, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, food supplements (especially aimed at weight loss) and in a small percentage also in the decaffeinated coffee (2-5 mg) against 85 mg of a normal coffee.

Coffee has much more caffeine than a cup of tea or a chocolate god, but it is difficult to determine with certainty the amount of caffeine that you take every day, but we can say that a cup of coffee can contain from 85 to 125 mg of caffeine, a cup of tea about 80-100 mg per cup (200 ml) and a cup of hot chocolate about 6 mg (250 g).

So caffeine can help you lose a few extra pounds but it can also hinder weight loss if we do these errors:

Sweeten too much coffee each (one packet of sugar makes 30 kcal, if we take 4 coffee a day we take 120 calories, this means +840 kcal per week!)

drinking too many energy drinks and cola
drinking too many drinks containing coffee like cappuccino, coffee stained with milk or with the addition of cream
Drinking too much coffee "special" with the addition of chocolate that has a high calorie, high in calories and fat
accompany coffee and tea with cookies, donuts, cake slices etc ...
So it depends on the type of coffee you drink, a cup of black coffee without sugar has only 2 calories and is fat-free, sweetened with Stevia if not improve final calories but if added with extra ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, milk and cream means you hire so many extra calories!

Look at how many calories a tablespoon of these "extras" that you can at the cafe, because when you are dieting you count all the calories, even those of beverages:

Sugar: 20 calories
sabayon: 50 calories
chocolate spread: 45-50 calories
If at the time you do not drink coffee, you do not need to start ingesting it to boost your metabolism, you can get a good result in terms of weight loss with proper nutrition and fitness sessions at least three times a week, but if you drink coffee regularly, the good news is that there is no need to stop because it allows you to have more energy in the gym, stimulates lipolysis and increases metabolism, just do it in moderation (400 mg or less)!

Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, insomnia, nausea, increased blood pressure and other problems, but if taken moderately, in these doses, caffeine is generally safe.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

15 tricks to lose weight fast and make peace : all you need to know to establish a healthy relationship with your body and healthy.

Apart from the real weight-loss diets, designed and developed with a dietitian, there are a number of tricks and tweaks "do it yourself" that can help you lose weight quickly, especially in summer when the need to have a more body slender can become a looming necessity.

Who, therefore, it is not prepared for the costume fitting time and needs to lose 2-3 pounds, quickly on the stomach, hips and thighs, may take some fast strategy to get the weight off quickly. But do not delude ourselves that the formula "fast" is equivalent to the formula "without sacrifice"!

To lose unwanted pounds quickly, in fact, you have to accept at least two conditions:

change their eating habits.
increase physical activity.
Of course, if you are not already practicing physical activity, you will not be sporting, but a brisk walk, jog every now dune or a swim in the pool, every week, can already do a lot of weight in the disposal and in the quick toning.

Let's move, now, to see what are the basic principles that support a slimming winning Strategy and to lose weight safely:

You decide the time when you want to lose your extra pounds wisely.
Not only bets on the pounds but also on the water retention, the tonicity and the loss of centimeters. Sometimes, while not losing too much weight, you can simply lose centimeters of swelling. It depends on the case.
Prevent the "hunger pangs" by excessive fatigue and privation. Rest and have a healthy and balanced life, allows you to be more "centered" and vigilant about your diet.
Followed and respected the rules that you give yourself no change during construction.
Avoid losing vitamins and minerals.

Do not give up the love to eat ... but little and healthy.

Tricks to lose weight fast
We see, therefore, how and what to eat to lose weight quickly, losing excess pounds and centimeters.

Fast walk or run at least half an hour a day is essential to activate the sleeping metabolism.

Do not skip meals, especially breakfast, which must remain abundant but light. Grains and fruits are the ideal is to eat a banana after a long walk in the early morning.

Take a light dinner if possible not later than 20.

Do not eat between meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink water, coffee or tea without sugar.

Before the meal, drink one large glass of water and eat a salad with a little seasoning helps to quickly find the feeling of satiety.

Limited as much as possible fat sauces, butter, cheese, cream, etc. Consume small amounts of carbohydrates without added fat (very little oil) to take energy from them.

Eliminate sweetened soft drinks.

Eliminate alcohol and beer. You can continue to drink wine, preferably red, limiting it to one drink a day.

Avoid eating outside the home, because the food cooked in restaurants is more difficult to control the ingredients used for the preparation.

Eat lean meat, preferably skinless poultry, fish and shellfish.

Watch out for hidden fats: avoid fatty meats, canned foods.

Avoid as much as possible in cheese, fried foods, cakes, ice cream and even the appetizers that are not a simple salad.

Eat vegetables at will and in all forms: raw, cooked, in diet soups.

Eat two fruits a day, but no more.

The main trick in weight loss is "style food" acquired that - as has been shown by many studies - is made of sedentary lifestyle, meals messy and wrong associations of foods.

If you put a lot of attention to food, limiting portions and weighing each food, with the movement's help, you can quickly lose the pounds to 5 pounds in a couple of months.

The body needs to be detoxified, nourished and not burdened. Drinking and movement help lose weight without resorting to drastic diets.

If you need to lose a lot of weight, however, it is not recommended to use the "do it yourself" and it is necessary to have expert advice of a nutritionist or a dietitian.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Eight simple rules weight loss help us more quickly - and especially without yo-yo effect - decrease.
No fancy complicated diets, eating prohibitions and starvation? Then we have just the thing for you: a new diet concept is deceptively simple, not only - but also gets by without yo-yo effect. Diet author name Dagmar von Cramm bestseller has derived it from the Mediterranean diet. oil, fresh ingredients, plenty of vegetables and fish form the basis of their recommendations. The big difference - von Cramm uses ingredients that are native to our latitudes. Advantage of the new "Nordic Diet" (Nordic diet): We eat regionally and seasonally. This ensures that we always accommodate changing nutrients and lose weight without yo-yo effect. The body utilizes the food very good, the pounds disappear sustainably. Your approach can be summed up in eight simple weight loss rules.

1. Good rapeseed oil
For roasting and for dressings in the Nordic diet rapeseed oil is used. It provides essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

2. Healthy rye
Bread is firmly anchored in our Esstradition. In the Nordic diet, you may - in the evening - like access, as long as it is whole grain rye. In white flour and wheat products you should avoid.

3. Plenty of fish
Who is like fish, is dead right: Three servings are recommended per week. Access to fish from Baltic and North Seas, the Atlantic Ocean, rivers and lakes. Crab, salmon, herring, mackerel and trout are ideal.

4. Little meat
Meat plays a subordinate role, and should be rarely consumed. If you do, you access to meat from wild animals or free-range.

5. Fresh
Seasonality and regionality of food are important. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also fresh and vitamin-due to the shorter transportation routes. Enjoy now z. B. pumpkin, leeks, apples and pears. Tip: In the Internet, you can print a seasonal calendar and hang out in the kitchen.

6. filling foods
Serve with potatoes and legumes are optimal. They contain plenty of carbohydrates and protein and help prevent food cravings. Pasta and rice go rarely consume.

7. Low-fat dairy products
On butter and high-fat dairy products you should avoid. Therefore prefer margarine based on rapeseed oil and low fat dairy products.

8. herbal spice
Salt as sparingly as possible, sprinkle with fresh herbs. Similarly, sugar is regarded as pure luxury items - avoid if possible.

The best food
Simply and without yo-yo effect slimming: The products of Nordic diet you get anywhere in this country.

Rye wholemeal
Vegetables like cabbage, pumpkin
Legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas
Shellfish and seafood
Fruits like apples and pears
Fresh herbs
Rapeseed / canola margarine
These foods you should avoid
fat branded products
White flour products
Sugar and salt in moderation
Meat - if, then only a little wild from the region or from free-range
Even easier is to lose weight without the yo-yo effect with a little sport.

If you find the best diet guide. I highly recommended the 3 weeks diet.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The drinks generally have specific properties when dieting. Within these drinks, smoothies have an important role. Through them, you can get different properties to lose extra pounds, at low volume.

To lose weight in a healthy way is important to take all the resources that will help you achieve this goal. Of all the existing resources, the shakes are the ideal alternative.

Because smoothies are good for weight loss?

Combine different slimming. A clear example of this is the mixture of protein and fiber. This gives detoxifying properties provided by fresh fruit; dried fruit and oat bran, sating properties provided by all the foods that contain fat burning properties and provided by foods rich in protein; represented by milk. You add all these advantages is low calorie.

The shakes or smoothies provide a variety of foods in low volume. This causes a series of reactions in the body that reduces hunger and promotes satiety. For this reason they are ideal to drink between meals or breakfast because they provide energy, nutrients and remove hunger.

They can replace a meal. There are protein shakes, both home and commercial use, that are made with the aim of replacing a main meal. These smoothies are generally high in protein preparations, and aim to increase your metabolism and burn fat faster. A clear example is this smoothie natural way to lose weight fast.

Stimulate intestinal transit. In many cases, constipation is a complication which is associated with overweight. To fight and lose weight, shakes are ideal. Why? As you can prepare with high-fiber foods that stimulate intestinal transit. They are also ideal because these preparations do not cause stimuli that irritate the intestinal mucosa because they provide fiber is broken.

They are energetic and low in calories. Smoothies can provide the energy supplied from fruits and vegetables, but in turn they are low in calories, because these foods are of low caloric value. These features are ideal to drink during breakfast.

If you want to reap the benefits of smoothies liquefied and / or diet it is important to have in mind what ingredients you need to use. Come on, prepare! They are a great natural resource and tasty diet.